Freezer Burn map

According to a new survey, the vast majority of workers do not take all their vacation time.

Amazingly, nearly 70% of workers in America did not use all of their annual vacation time in 2013.

Right Management, the company that sponsored the survey, said “this is the third year in a row that the vast majority of workers have said they worked rather than take paid vacation time.”  Say whaaaaaat?

So my question is, why in the world wouldn’t you use your vacation time!?  It doesn’t take staff meteorologist John Bernier to tell you that winter is here, an and and now is the perfect time to burn that vacay time if you have it!  The only person I know that is enjoying this weather isn’t even an actual person, it’s my dog cause he wears a fur coat 100% of the time.  Check out this Wind Chill Map of the US as of this morning and tell me you wouldn’t love to use some of that vacation time down in South Florida right about now?

I fully plan on burning up the majority of my vacation time real soon, and if some of my fellow co-workers don’t plan on using their days, I’ll gladly take them so they don’t go to ‘waste’.

After all, who needs to vacation in the spring summer and fall when you live on The Outer Banks?