A lot has been made of addictive video games in the past.  Between Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, And Flappy Bird, you can waste a good deal of productive time doing something so mindless.  Now there is one less game on the market.

According to Forbe’s magazine, The creator of “Flappy Bird” says he decided to pull the popular gaming app on Sunday because it became too addictive.   I personally had never played the game until my coworker Autumn, from 94.5 Watercountry handed me over her phone the other day and said, “hey play this, it’s super addictive”.  I had never heard of the game before, but I had no doubt she had spent countless hours trying to get past scoring 5 points. 

For the record, Autumn is by no means a hardcore gamer, but she had a hint of Bob Costa’s crazy eye going on, most likely from playing way to much Flappy Bird.
This is Bob Costa’s Crazy Eye————-> 

<————–This is Autumn kinda crazy eye autumn

 The vietnamese game creator DONG Nguyen also has other games such as “super ball juggling” and “Shuriken Block”.  Yes, Dong created a game called “super ball juggling”.  The hilarity. 

Anyway, by pulling the game, Dong is giving up $50,000 dollars a day the game was raking in from advertising revenue. 

Game OVER!  Flappy Bird

Game OVER! Flappy Bird