Dare County Sheriff’s Office March arrest log

Below is a list of people who have been arrested on view or with warrants by the Dare County
Sheriff’s Office for a felony charge and taken to the Dare County Detention Facility.
All subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

March 1, 2019
Jeremy Scott Barfield M/40
Probation Violation (F)

March 2, 2019
James Tyler Thomas M/22
Financial Card Fraud (F), Fict/Alt Title Reg Card/Tag 1 Expired

Chad James Thomas M/25
Financial Card Fraud (F)

March 4, 2019
Desmond Lamarr Boyd M/31
Poss WIMSD Sch II Cont Sub (F)

Leslie Michael Kitchens M / 32
Robbery W/Dangerous Weapon (F), B & E (F), Larceny after B & E (F), Sex Offender Fail to Rept / Non Comply, Comm Threats (M), FTA Unauthorized Use Motor Vehicle (M)

March 5, 2019
Sinatra Dione Brothers M/23
Main Veh/Dwell/Place Cont Sub (F) x 2, Poss WIMSD Sch VI Controlled Sub (F) x2

Tevin Diante Davis M/25
Poss WIMSD Sch VI Cont Sub (F) x 2

Chase Campbell Gardiner M/19
Main Veh/Dwell/Place Cont Sub (F) x 2, Poss WIMSD Sch I Control Sub (F) x 2

Samantha Jo Kirkpatrick F/26
Poss WIMSD Cocaine (F) Poss WISD Cocaine (F) x 3

March 6, 2019
William Henry Hedgebeth M/26
Poss WIMSD Marijuana (F) Maintain Vehicle/Dwelling/Place Controlled Substance (F)

Charles Fletcher Scherb M/37
Attempted First Degree Murder (F), Assault WDWWITKISI (F)

March 7, 2019
Lonnie Robert Perry Jr. M/65
Maintain Vehicle/Dwelling/Place Controlled Substance (F) x 3, Main Veh/Dwell/Place Cont Sub (F) x 2

March 8, 2019
Cheyanne Tyler Dale F/23
Poss WISD Cocaine (F) x 4, Maintain a Vehicle/Dwelling/Place Controlled Substance (F) x3

Justin Cole Bunting M/23
Sex Off Dissem Material under 13 (F)

March 9, 2019
Willie Owen Saunders Jr. M/34
Obt Cont Sub by Fraus/Forg (F)

March 10, 2019
Alanzo Ralph Simpson M/44
Felony Poss Cocaine (F) Poss WIMSD Schul II Cont Sub (F) x 2, Maintain Veh/Dwell/Place Cont Sub (F) x 2,
Poss Drug Para (M) x 2

Christian Gaberial Moore M/25
Second Degree Forcible Rape (F)

March 11, 2019
Christian Forrest Powers M/19
Poss WIMSD Sch VI Controll (F) x 2

Benjamin Franklin Jenkins M/31
Safe Cracking (F), Larceny of Firearm (F)

March 14, 2019
Allison Leanne Jones F/35
Sell/Deliver Sch VI Substance (F) x 2, Poss WIMSD Sch VI Controlled Sub (F) x 3, Main Veh/Dwell/Place Cont Sub (F) x 3

Alonzo Ralph Simpson M/44
Trafficking Opium/Heroin (F)

March 15, 2019
Daniel Gage Matthews M/22
Poss WIMSD Sch IV Cont Sub (F)

March 16, 2019
Rodney Keith Matthews M/59
Felony Possession Sch VI Cont Subs (F)

Alauza Nicole Desiree Armstrong F/18
Poss WIMSD Sch 1 Cont Sub (F)

March 18, 2019
Shalique Daiquan Ennis M/21
Poss Sch II Cont Sub (F)

Don Montec Frierson M/24
Poss Sch II Cont Sub (F)

Dustin Cole Bunting M/23
Intimidating Witness (F)

March 19, 2019
Colin Tristan Morris M/32
Possession of Marijuana (F)

March 21, 2019
Daniel Joseph Myles M/23
Possession of Marijuana (F) Possession Drag Para (M)

March 22, 2019
Quentin Antwain Perryman M/21
Poss W/Intent Del Marijuana (F)

March 23, 2019
Barbara Ann Williams F/31
Possession Heroin (F)

Jarrod Allan Boshell M/34
Fugitive Extradition Other State (F) DWI (M)

March 24, 2019
Angela Nichole Salisbury F/38
Possession Methamphetamine (F) Possession Sch VI Controlled Substance (F)

Charles Thomas Corpening M/44
Possession Methamphetamine (F)

Megan Patricia Barber F/21
Possession of Marijuana (F)

March 25, 2019
Megan Patricia Barker F/21
Possession of Marijuana (F)

Taylor Randall West M/19
Possession Sch I Controlled Substance (F)

March 26, 2019
Brooke Erin Vestal F/34
Probation Violation (F)

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