Town of Nags Head: Don’t dig holes in our beach

Photo courtesy Town of Nags Head

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Town of Nags Head is warning about one (of many) dangers on our beaches: digging holes.

In 2017, a Texas woman vacationing with her family in Ocean City, Maryland, died after falling in a hole dug on the beach. Ashley O’Connor, authorities say, was walking on the beach and apparently fell in the hole during the night. It collapsed around her and she was smothered, her body found the next morning.

Holes on the beach also pose a hazard to ocean rescuers, who must navigate quickly to save lives.

In addition to the danger they pose to humans, holes in the sand can be deadly to sea turtle nestlings, who may get trapped when they hatch. Sea turtle nesting season along the Outer Banks runs from May through August.

Dig away, just fill the holes when you leave.

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