VIDEO: Beach renourishment moving along in Nags Head

Aerial view of the southern end of the project near mile post 21 in early May. [Town of Nags Head/Youtube]

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The Dredge Ellis Island is now working off a landing point located just south of Outer Banks Pier, according to the Town of Nags Head.

Over the next five to six days, the construction associated with this dredge will progress about 500 feet south to tie into the beach that has already been nourished near James Street (a little south of mile post 19).

Once this 500 feet of beach has been nourished, the pipes running south will be switched to run north and construction will progress north and then under and just past the Outer Banks Pier.

Construction associated with the Dredge Liberty Island will progress south of the landing point located near the Curlew public beach access over the next several days. After about 500 feet of beach has been nourished, the pipes will be moved to the second landing point in the 4300 block of South Virginia Dare Trail (north of Danube Street).

Construction will then progress about 500 feet north to tie into the beach built from the first landing point. Once that is completed, work will progress 500 feet south. Then, the dredge will move to additional landing points as construction makes its way towards the Outer Banks Pier to tie into the beach already completed by the Dredge Ellis Island.

Construction is expected to be complete in late August or early September.

The town says due to several factors, including weather and equipment issues, to name a few, it is hard to predict where construction will be farther out than 7 days.

Parking at the Forrest Street beach access will be closed for the duration of the project. The parking lot at the Juncos Street public beach access is expected to be re-opened in mid to late June.

Pedestrian access at both sites is still permitted. Lifeguard stands are in place but may be moved a few feet to accommodate construction traffic.

Click here for updated progress maps.

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