Violent storm spawns waterspout, rips off shingles, knocks out cable and power

A massive water spout approaching land at Bay Drive and Hayman Street in Kill Devil Hills. [Bob Tenbusch photo]

A fast and violent storm blew across the Outer Banks on Thursday evening, downing trees and knocking out power in northern Currituck, ripping shingles from rooftops in Kill Devil Hills and leaving most of the area without cable or internet.

It’s scary outside right now.

Posted by OBX Today on Thursday, June 20, 2019

The storm hit about 6 p.m., with a fast-moving shelf cloud darkening the skies and kicking up sudden and damaging winds. Torrential rain and lightning followed before moving off and leaving behind a rainbow over the ocean.

Northern Currituck was hit hard, with toppled trees knocking out power in the Moyock area and possibly taking out Spectrum cable and internet services as well. Spectrum reported outages of cable, internet and voice service across the Outer Banks from about 6 p.m. and continuing as of 9:30 p.m.

At Second Street and Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills, utility lines were down after the storm and both roads remained partially blocked until past 7:30 p.m.

On Clamshell Drive in Kill Devil Hills, photos by Debbie Mennicucci showed shingles torn from roofs and a large tree down.

Shingles torn from roof in Kill Devil Hills. [Deborah Mennicucci photo]
Large tree down off Clamshell Drive in Kill Devil Hills. [Deborah Mennicucci photo]


Off Hayman Street and Bay Drive in Kill Devil Hills, photographer  Bob Tenbusch captured an image of a massive water spout in the sound.

The storm seemed to move off as fast as it came, creating a colorful sunset and a brief rainbow over the ocean. The National Weather Service dropped a severe thunderstorm watch for the area as of 9 p.m., saying there may be lingering showers but the threat of severe weather was over for the night.

A sunset rainbow after the storm in Kill Devil Hills. [Kari Pugh photo]

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