Injured wild horse removed from beach, treated for shoulder injury

Cali is now in the care of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

A wild mustang removed from the beach in northern Currituck Couty last week will undergo X-rays Monday to determine the extent of a shoulder injury, but is eating, drinking and being spoiled by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

On June 17, the CWHF got a call about a mare that had been standing in the same spot for nearly 24 hours and seemed to be favoring one of her front legs. The caller had witnessed a stallion chasing her very hard on Sunday night, the fund said in a Facebook post.

After checking on the mare and seeing nothing swollen and no open wounds, caretakers decided to give her some time to move on. But when she was still there the next day, they made the decision to intervene and remove her from the beach as she was dehydrated and the weather was extremely hot.

“Because she was so dehydrated and exhausted she was relatively easy to capture and load into the trailer,” the CWHF wrote. “Once at our rescue farm she was put on IV fluids and blood was drawn. The vet didn’t see anything glaringly wrong with her leg, and was cautiously optimistic that it was just some soft tissue damage or bruising that would heal on its own.”

But after the vet left and the horse became more hydrated, caretakers noticed swelling at her shoulder.

“She can put weight on her leg but cannot extend it forward, and has x-rays scheduled for Monday,” the fund wrote. “We are hoping that whatever it is can be treated and fixed, but she is definitely not out of the woods yet.”

In the meantime, she is happily eating hay and drinking fresh water, is on antibiotics for a bacterial infection that her blood work showed, and is on a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory for her shoulder.

Cali is eating and drinking at the rescue farm. [Photo courtesy CWHF]

Caretakers built her a pen so she could go outside and enjoy some sunshine and green grass and by late in the week she was looking much better.

They named her Cali, short for Caliente because it was so hot the day she was rescued. Caretakers believe she’s about 4 years old and say she’s sweet and good natured.

“Removing a horse from the beach is always a heartbreaking experience, but we do take comfort in the fact that we saved her life on Tuesday,” the CWHF wrote. “Hopefully her x-rays on Monday will bring good news, but either way she will spend her days with us safe and spoiled.

“We’d like to thank the visitors and citizens who called about Cali, and kept us updated on her location through Tuesday morning, and to the Currituck County sheriff’s department for escorting us safely down the beach with the truck and trailer.”

If you’d like to help out with Cali’s veterinary bills, click here.

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