Outer Banks’ Tricia Lawrenson gets the call; waiting to hear if lung transplant is a go

Tricia Lawrenson at Duke University Hospital waiting to hear if her double lung transplant is a go.

Kill Devil Hills resident Tricia Lawrenson, who has lived with cystic fibrosis since she was a baby, got the long-awaited call and is waiting to hear if she will undergo a a rare third double-lung transplant tonight.

Lawrenson, 37, who has been in Durham with her husband Nate since February preparing for the surgery, got a call last night that a pair of lungs might be available. Those turned out not to be compatible, but the hospital team said another pair might be a “go.” She will find out later today.

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The mom of two has already undergone two life-saving transplants, and had been told her second, in 2013, would be her last. But in the last few years, Duke University Hospital begun performing the rare surgery. Tricia, whose donor lungs are now in rejection, will be the hospital’s fifth third double-lung transplant recipient.

“I’m in for the long run. I’m all set to go since 11 p.m.,” Tricia said in a Facebook post. “But I won’t hear back until 6-7 p.m. of whether it’s a go or not. Thank you for your prayers for the donor and their family.”

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