VIDEO: A message from Tricia Lawrenson after her third double-lung transplant

Kill Devil Hills resident Tricia Lawrenson after her third double-lung transplant. [Tricia Lawrenson photo]

Just days after her third double-lung transplant, Outer Banks mom of two Tricia Lawrenson is not only up and moving, she’s skipping the ICU and fast-tracking the road to recovery.

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby, the 37-year-old Kill Devil Hills woman has undergone two life-saving transplant surgeries in the past. On Monday, she became one of only a handful of people in the United States to receive a third transplant after her last pair of donor lungs, which she received seven years ago, went into rejection.

Two days after the latest surgery, Lawrenson was able to do a lap at Duke University Hospital and was breathing room air on her own.

You can follow Lawrenson’s transplant journey on her husband Nate’s YouTube channel HERE

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