No more fishing from the north side catwalk on the U.S. 64 causeway “Little Bridge”

The north side of the catwalk at the Melvin Daniels Bridge is now closed to access. [Sam Walker photo]

A popular fishing spot on the U.S. 64 causeway in Nags Head is no longer available, as the catwalk along the north side of the Melvin Daniels Bridge has been closed to all access.

The N.C. Department of Transportation has erected fences at each end of the walkway. On Tuesday, they removed the crosswalk at Melvin Daniels Park next to the western landing of what’s more commonly referred to as “The Little Bridge”.

“Safety is always NCDOT’s number one priority, so a determination was made that the catwalk on the north side of the bridge was a hazard that the department had to correct,” said NCDOT spokesperson Tim Hass.

A number of vehicle crashes, mostly rear-end collisions, have been reported at or near the crosswalk since it was installed several years ago. The speed limit through that section of U.S. 64 is 50 mph.

“Luckily, there has not been a serious accident or injury, but it would only be a matter of time before there would be a serious injury, or worse, a fatality, at this location,” Hass said.

“As a result the best solution was the removal of the crosswalk, and all signage and road markings associated with it,” Hass said.

Crews also erected new guardrails leading to the bridge on Tuesday to help prevent people from crossing the highway from the park.

No Parking signs have also been installed on the east side of the bridge along the Roanoke Sound shoreline.

That particular area has been a hot spot for catching speckled trout and other fish because of deep water immediately adjacent to the rocks.

Hass said the department invested significant time and effort into trying to find a solution that would provide an acceptable amount of safety for motorists and pedestrians.

“Unfortunately, no other workable solution was found,” Hass said.

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