Twelve people rescued after pontoon boat overturns in Currituck sound

[Lower Currituck VFD photo]

Twelve people were rescued Friday evening after an overloaded pontoon boat flipped over in rough water in the Currituck Sound.

The incident happened at approximately 6:50 p.m. off Dews Island near Jarvisburg, according to N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Law Enforcement Sgt. John Beardsley.

Currituck County Sheriff Office deputies and Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department personnel responded first, and rescued the 12 people from the water. The vessel was also recovered.

“No one suffered any injuries beyond first aid, and the vessel was able to be driven back to the dock,” Beardsley said.

“The incident occurred due to rough water conditions and too many people sitting in the forward portion of the vessel,” said Beardsley. “Pontoon boats are not well equipped to handle rough water.”

“The Wildlife Commission would like to remind boaters that it is vital to distribute the weight in a vessel evenly and to slow down, especially in rough conditions,” Beardsley said.

“The Currituck County Sheriff’s deputies and (Lower Currituck) Fire Department deserve all the recognition for the rescue,” Beardsley added.

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