Company seeking to conduct offshore seismic testing for oil and gas withdraws application

A ship trails an array of seismic air guns. [photo courtesy Ocean Conservation Research]

In a surprise move, the company that was seeking to conduct a seismic survey off the coast of North Carolina and other states for potential oil and natural gas appears to have decided to call it quits.

WesternGeco, LLC. sent a letter to federal officials on September 4, withdrawing their application submitted in 2014.

“The application requested authorization to conduct a geophysical survey on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf,” said Adil Mukhitov, vice president with WesternGeco in a one paragraph letter to the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

“BOEM has not yet granted or denied the application. Please consider the application withdrawn,” Mukhitov said.

This comes two weeks after Governor Roy Cooper announced the state would appeal the decision in June by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to override North Carolina’s objection to WesternGeco’s plan for offshore seismic testing.

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