Curbside recycling pick-up in Corolla to end this April

Bay Disposal has been offering curbside pick-ups where towns and counties do not offer it. [photo courtesy Town of Manteo]

Corolla will become the latest Outer Banks community to lose curbside pick-up of recyclables due to rising costs and no one willing to buy the materials.

“This change in service is a cost-cutting maneuver aimed at keeping property owners’ solid waste fees from increasing,” the county said in a Facebook post.

Curbside service on the Currituck Outer Banks will end on April 4 and a recycling bin will be made available behind the Pine Island Fire Station.

Several towns in Dare County have made a similar move over the past year, due to increased costs and the drastic reduction in purchasing of the materials domestically and overseas.

Materials were also being transported to a waste-to-energy facility in Portsmouth because the hauler had been unable to find a purchaser for the material. The waste is used to generate electricity, while steam from the facility helps meet the needs of the nearby U.S. Navy shipyard.

Bay Disposal, which operates the curbside trash collection service contract for Currituck County, is offering to begin recycling collection for individual subscribers in Corolla.

A minimum of 250 properties will need to subscribe for the service to be offered. Contact Currituck Public Works at 252-232-2504 if you would like to participate.

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