Project Glam Girls offering free prom attire for girls and guys

Prom dresses [Photo courtesy Project Glam Girls]

The 7th Annual Project Glam Girls (and guys) is proud to announce that the boutique will be open again this year, thanks to the support of our community.

Project Glam Girls (and guys) provides free prom dresses, shoes, accessories, tuxedos, suits, ties and more to girls (and guys) in our community.

Much more than a donation bin, Project Glam Girls gives young women and men the opportunity to really experience the joy of “shopping” for the perfect dress, suit or tuxedo as they choose from a dizzying array of gorgeous donated gowns, suits, tuxedos, and accessories while assisted by the project’s friendly, supportive volunteers.

The 2021 Project Glam Girls boutique will be located at Manteo Faith Church, 1037 Burnside Rd, Manteo, NC 27954. The dates are: Thursday, May 6th (5pm-8pm), Friday, May 7th (10am-8pm), and Saturday, May 8th (9am-5pm). This event is open to all young ladies and gentlemen across the area FREE of charge.

Because we don’t have a lot of time this year donations will be accepted at Manteo Faith Baptist Church, 1037 Burnside Rd., Manteo – Monday-Friday 9am-12pm.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Quinn Capps at . Volunteers are needed for set up, breakdown, working the boutique, and we are looking for at least two seamstresses.

Project Glam Girls is funded solely by private donations from the community. Currently the Project is seeking financial donations to pay for purchasing plus size dresses, dress racks and food during boutique hours. Anyone interested in making a financial donation should contact Quinn Capps at

“Project Glam Girls helped over 200 students to find the perfect attire for their prom and even some 8th Grade Formals. “I continue to be humbled an overwhelmed by the generosity of this community and how they support Project Glam Girls. I feel this is a very important time for our young people and everyone should have the opportunity to experience it”, said Quinn Capps, Founder. “The Boutique is run by an amazing group of volunteers and enables young women and men to have “personal shoppers” to help make their experience even nicer.”, continued Capps.

There are no special requirements for students to come and shop. If you would like additional information please contact Quinn Capps at .

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