Weekend ban on left turns from U.S. 158 to South Dogwood Trail begins Saturday

A no left turn ban has been instituted multiple times since 2018 at the intersection of U.S. 158, South Dogwood Trail (left) and The Woods Road (right). [image courtesy Town of Southern Shores]

No left turns will be allowed from U.S. 158 onto South Dogwood Trail at Kitty Hawk Elementary School starting this Saturday and Sunday, and will be scheduled for each weekend through early August.

South Dogwood Trail has been a popular cut-through for those stuck in traffic on North Croatan Highway and N.C. 12. The left turn ban is intended to reduce cut-through traffic along the narrow streets of Southern Shores.

Southern Shores Town Council adopted in their annual budget for the fiscal year starting July 1 that includes funding for equipment rental and police to monitor the intersection for those who violate the ban.

The prohibition will be in place Saturday, June 12, and then each Saturday and Sunday through August 1, followed by the weekend of August 14 and 15.

In June 2018 the town drew mixed reviews when they experimented with similar measures over a single weekend. The ban was instituted again during multiple weekends in the summer of 2020.

Southern Shores Police Department report noted a slight reduction in traffic along Dogwood Trail over the two day period, while traffic increased along Trinite and Sea Oats trails.

Some residents of the surrounding neighborhoods also noted that it appeared drivers were traveling at higher speeds through the narrow streets, primarily because of the reduced traffic levels.

Barrell and other traffic devices placed by the Town of Southern Shores will entirely block the U.S. 158 eastbound left-turn lane at the intersection during the ban.

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