Southern Shores to block left turns at three intersections on East Dogwood Trail this weekend

South Dogwood Trail in Southern Shores. [courtesy Current TV]

The Town of Southern Shores has announced more measures to try and stem the flow of cut-through traffic along the town’s narrow streets.

“Our goal is to take away any advantage for those using South Dogwood Trail and East Dogwood Trail as short cuts to points north,” the town stated in a news release Friday.

Southern Shores Town Council on Tuesday gave their discretion to town staff to implement specific closures along East Dogwood Trail.

This Saturday and Sunday barricades will be placed in the median of East Dogwood Trail at the intersections with Hillcrest Drive, Sea Oats Trail and Wax Myrtle Trail to eliminate the ability to turn left for northbound traffic.

[Map courtesy Town of Southern Shores]

“As we are testing these closures at this time, the barriers will be put in place with post and chain with barricades placed in the middle of the road or median,” according to the town. “In the event we determine that negative impacts warrant their removal, we will be able to do so on either day.”

An additional closure is also being considered for East Dogwood Trail at Hickory Trail at a later date.

Left turns are currently banned on weekends from U.S. 158 on to South Dogwood Trail at Kitty Hawk Elementary School, and barricades with signs are also placed along several streets that say Local Traffic Only as part of measures to reduce the number of vehicles that travel through Southern Shores neighborhoods.

The town has also worked with Google and Waze to indicate closures are in place on their popular traffic apps.

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