The Lost Colony, Town of Manteo mark Virginia Dare’s 434th birth anniversary

One of the Virginia Dare babies being held by the actress portraying her mother, Eleanor. [photo courtesy The Lost Colony]

This is the 434th anniversary of the birth of Virginia Dare, the first child of English descent born in the New World on Roanoke Island on August 18, 1587.

The Lost Colony will hold its annual celebration with live babies portraying Virginia Dare in the nation’s longest-running outdoor drama tonight.

Being a “Virginia Dare Baby” is a coveted role in the community that many local citizens have had the opportunity of being a part of. For Virginia Dare Night only, the prop baby swaddled in blankets, is replaced with these special guests.

There will be an awards ceremony starting at 8:10, which will begin with the presentation of the 2021 Virginia Dare Babies and their families.

Virginia Dare Night is sponsored by First National Bank. For information on tickets, call The Lost Colony box office at 252-473-6000. The Lost Colony wraps up its season on Saturday.

Today is also a town holiday in Manteo, so town offices are closed.

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