Osprey nest to blame for Verizon issues in parts of Nags Head

Verizon and other companies have equipment on a monopole tower at Nags Head Town Hall. [Google Maps image]

An osprey nest in a tower was partly to blame for problems experienced by Verizon Wireless customers in parts of Nags Head in recent weeks.

Multiple Verizon customers told OBX Today they had issues with their mobile devices in the area between Jockey’s Ridge and Whalebone Junction, including being unable to call or text and their devices showing in roaming mode.

“Our engineer discovered there was an osprey nest on one of our assets,” said Diana Alvear, a communications manager for Verizon Wireless.

“Fortunately, the nest is no longer occupied or active so he was able to replace a radio on this particular cell site,” Alvear said. “We anticipate network performance will be enhanced as a result.”

Alvear also shared that Verizon follows an avian protection plan ensuring that we comply with federal, state, and local laws as they do work that would impact active nests.

“Under the Migratory Bird Protection Act, March through August is the official nesting season for osprey and cell tower maintenance on structures with active osprey nests should not occur between April 1st and August 15th, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,” Alvera said.

“All nests are deemed inactive from September through February when ospreys are at their wintering grounds in Central and South America. Inactive nests do not need a migratory bird permit or permission to remove nests,” Alvera said.

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