VIDEO: Update on essential and workforce housing in Dare County

Current TV, in partnership with Dare County, has released a new video titled, “Essential & Workforce Housing in Dare County,” as part of its Destination Dare series for September 2021.

The video addresses some of the concerns expressed by area residents and business owners regarding the lack of available housing options within Dare County for members of the local workforce who perform various duties that are essential to both residents and visitors of the Outer Banks.

The video also highlights efforts that are currently being made by the Dare County Board of Commissioners to identify and select suitable sites for the development of essential and workforce housing units—and to move the projects forward as quickly as possible.

As Dare County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robert L. “Bob” Woodard Sr. states in the video, “We have been working diligently to address this complex issue and to make every effort to help find a solution to the issues that the members of our essential workforce face when it comes to securing a place to live.”

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