Dare County Sheriff, three deputies dropped from Andrew Brown, Jr. lawsuit

There are several new developments in a federal lawsuit over the shooting death of Andrew Brown Jr. by Pasquotank County sheriff’s deputies last spring.

In filings released this week, Dare County Sheriff Doug Doughtie and three Dare deputies are no longer named as defendants in a lawsuit seeking at least $31 million in compensatory and punitive damages, alleging wrongful death, excessive force, assault and battery and gross negligence.

The Dare County deputies, along with four Pasquotank deputies, were attempting to arrest Brown on drug charges and serve search warrants from both counties when Brown tried to flee his home in the Roanoke Avenue section of Elizabeth City on April 21.

District Attorney Andrew Womble cleared the three Pasquotank deputies of any wrongdoing. He said the shooting was justified because Brown used his car as a deadly weapon and put their lives in danger.

The filings also include evidence that one of the Pasquotank deputies who opened fire “altered his weapon” following the shooting.

Three Pasquotank deputies and Sheriff Tommy Wooten, along with his insurance company, are still named as defendants in the suit.

The shooting lead to weeks of protests in Elizabeth City. Portions of video of the shooting have been shown to the Brown family and attorneys, but continues to be withheld from release by a judge’s order.

A coalition of media organizations continues to press for the public release of all of the video in the case.

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