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12 Days of Christmas

More stuff to win!! 12 Days of Christmas today is a 2 night stay at the Silver Lake Motel and Inn!! To Enter click here -->
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Bonner Bridge Closed Immediately

To protect the traveling public, the N.C. Department of Transportation has closed the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over the Oregon Inlet on N.C. 12 ...
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A Tsunami Of Geese? WTH

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Taking a Weekend Break

The Beach 104 Staff is taking a nice realizing weekend and will not be anywhere "on the streets" but you could possibly find Milo or Jody at a ...
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rich guy leaves money

Secretly this 98 Year Old was a Millionaire

98-year-old Jack MacDonald of Seattle was known for being frugal. He lived at a modest retirement community, clipped coupons, hated paying for ...
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247PapsTV/Splash News

Kim Kardashian spent HOW much on those ripped jeans?!  That's a down payment on a car or even someone mortgage..... oh the life of the rich & ...
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Black Friday 2013 Tips

They are everywhere, in every newspaper, every advertisement on the T.V and even on the radio..... BLACK FRIDAY DEALS well this website has put ...
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Currituck takes on Kingston in Round 2 of the State Playoffs Friday Night at 7:30 in Barco WEAR YOUR RED or Jody might just slam you! Don't ...
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SAN FRANCISCO GRANTS 5-YEAR-OLD’S WISH TO BECOME BATMAN! The Make-a-Wish foundation, which grants wishes to children battling life-threatening ...
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Join Milo & Jody Around the Outer Banks!

The Traffic Guru Milo Spriggs will be at the OBX Wellness Fair in Kitty Hawk from 4-6 in Kitty Hawk Jody will be hanging out with the Toyota of ...
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