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Christian Benedi

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is back with Max Radio of the Carolinas Every week day we are giving you a chance to win something fantastic just by ...
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Kings of Leon! Win tix on Beach 104

Win them before you can buy them!  All week long between 3-7 during the afternoon drive with Christian.  When you hear a song by the Kings of ...
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Womanless Beauty Pageant!

The 4th annual Womanless beauty pageant is taking place March 29th at Kelly’s Tavern in Nags Head starting at 7pm!  I am going to be dress...
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Game over

A lot has been made of addictive video games in the past.  Between Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, And Flappy Bird, you can waste a good deal of ...
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Snack Stadium! Gridiron edition

Whats better than bringing snacks over to a friends house for a Super Bowl party? How about a miniature football stadium full of snacks!  Sounds a ...
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Using your vacation time? Do it wisely!

Freezer Burn map According to a new survey, the vast majority of workers do not take all their vacation time. Amazingly, nearly 70% of workers in ...
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