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2015 Captain Marty Fishing Guides Are In

Be listening to find out where you can get the brand new 2015 Captain Marty Fishing Guides  Hear the Extended Edition every Saturday to learn ...
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Manly Men

We all know JODY thinks he is a "Manly Man" but he doesn't have anything on the production this weekend presented by Theatre of Dare! Theatre of ...
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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

We have BRAND new contests right now on the Beach 104 Facebook page! $100 gift card to Ocean Boulevard Tickets to the Historical McHorney's ...
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Win $500

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Don't want to tick off your loved one? Did you forget Valentine's Day is right around the corner? Flowers over rated? Don't want to buy chocol...
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Happy New Year

Welcome 2015!!! A whole year has passed us right on by and well now 2015 is here and ready to charge full steam ahead. Are you trying to loose ...
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The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is back with Max Radio of the Carolinas Every week day we are giving you a chance to win something fantastic just by ...
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Haunted Attractions In Northeast North Carolina

October is already here and with Halloween right around the corner there are many haunted attractions you can participate in..... and well it will ...
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Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Did you know, July 23rd, is National Hot Dog Day!? Well it is and there are some great freebies you can take advantage of it you're a hot dog ...
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The Notebook Dreams are OVER Ladies

Ladies.... I am about to break all of your hearts.... Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a baby and a source confirmed it all to Access ...
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Everyone of us have had SOMETHING on this list

So we always hear what you should and should not be eating..... well how about these 11 foods? Yes we know it isn't the "IDEAL" diet plan but we ...
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