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Jody In The Morning

Jody O’Donnell grew up in Maryland. He liked to vacation on the Outer Banks as a child. Jody went to college in Georgia. He worked a couple of other jobs before he got into radio. He was named “Lifeguard of the Year” at the Royal York Apartment Complex. (There was only one lifeguard) Jody also stayed employed at a McDonalds’ for an undetermined amount of time. His biggest claim to fame under the golden arches was that he always made sure customers got more McNuggets than they actually ordered. Despite showing great promise in the world of fast food, he turned in the Mickey D’s name tag for good in June 1997. Jody’s been at Beach 104 since 1999. That makes him sound really old because he is. He does have a wife and two children that tolerate him on most days. In fact, they think the ‘better’ Jody is the one you hear on the radio. So catch Jody each weekday from 6:00 to 10:00. On Saturdays, Captain Marty Brill joins Jody for The Extended Edition of the Other Side of Fishing to talk the week in fishing, check in with area charter captains and marinas, and more.

Monday-Saturday 10 AM-3 PM

Lee Foster

Lee Foster joined Beach 104 in January 2020 right before the world started ending, and we’re not entirely convinced that it’s a coincidence. Lee’s story is much like many others who discovered the Outer Banks and instantly fell in love. He grew up just over the border in Chesapeake, VA, and spent seemingly every weekend of his formative years here. He always thought to himself about how wonderful it would be to live here “for real.” After working in radio for over ten years at a handful of different stations in Hampton Roads, the opportunity to live and work on the Outer Banks presented itself to him, and he took it. Aside from that, he’s an avid baseball fan and music collector, and you can hear him playing Today’s Hit Music every weekday from 10am ‘til 3pm on Beach 104!

Weekdays 7 PM-Midnight
Saturdays 3-7 PM

Kevin Walker

This Iowa native claims he was attracted to a career in radio mostly because of the flashy, form-fitting uniforms that he gets to wear and the early hours allow him to pursue his dream of caddying on the PGA Tour. His favorite things, not necessarily in the correct order, are pizza, beer, his two daughters Kaitlyn and Kamdyn, his wife Katie, and the family dog Kinnick. You can hear him weekdays from 7PM until midnight and Saturdays from 3-7 PM on Beach 104.

Sundays 3-7 PM


Calling the Outer Banks Home for the better part of his adult life, Christian came to the beach one summer to work while in college, and basically never left. A self-proclaimed, “nice, fun at a party” kinda guy, he always has a radio on and continues to be a treasure trove of mostly useless, yet somehow useful knowledge.  Recently welcoming a daughter into the world with his girlfriend Amanda, 2020 has been full of surprises. You can catch him as a performing musician around town, or on-air Sundays from 3-7 PM.

Sundays 10 AM-3 PM

Throwback 2K Radio

Throwback 2K with Chris Cruise has you covered with a weekly five-hour tribute to the early 2000s! Songs, requests, contests, and engagement you won’t find anywhere else – because you won’t find a show like this anywhere else.