Moose & Jody In The Morning

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Jody grew up in Maryland. He liked to vacation on the Outer Banks as a child. Jody went to college in Georgia. He worked a couple of other jobs before he got into radio. He was named “Lifeguard of the Year” at the Royal York Apartment Complex. (There was only one lifeguard) Jody also stayed employed at a McDonalds for an undetermined amount of time. His biggest claim to fame under the golden arches was that he always made sure customers got more McNuggets than they actually ordered. Despite showing great promise in the world of fast food, he turned in the Mickey D’s name tag for good in June 1997. Jody’s been at Beach104 since 1999. That makes him sound really old because he is. He does have a wife and two children that tolerate him on most days. In fact, they think the ‘better’ Jody is the one you hear on the radio. So catch the Moose and Jody in the Morning show each weekday from 6:00 to 10:00.